Wydanie 1/2013
str. 66

Pomiar ciśnienia wewnątrzgałkowego tonometrem ICare u dzieci

Intraocular Pressure Measurement Using ICare Tonometer in Children

Patrycja Krzyżanowska-Berkowska1, Marta Misiuk-Hojło1, Magdalena Asejczyk-Widlicka2

1 Katedra i Klinika Okulistyki Uniwersytetu Medycznego we Wrocławiu
Kierownik: prof. dr hab. n. med. Marta Misiuk-Hojło
2 Instytut Fizyki Politechniki Wrocławskiej we Wrocławiu
Kierownik Grupy Optyki Fizjologicznej: prof. dr hab. Henryk Kasprzak

Summary: An accurate, reliable and repeatable measure of intraocular pressure (IOP) is one of the fundamental elements of ophthalmological examination. Applanation tonometry remains the most commonly used and trusted technique in clinical practice. In children however this standard measurement might be difficult to receive due to necessity of concentration or lack of co-operation. In children below 5 years applanation tonometry is practically impossible to obtain and non-contact tonometry often treated as unpleasant. There is necessity of fast, painless and reliable IOP measurement in children in the circumstances of out-patient clinic.
A new instrument, the ICare rebound tonometer, has become commercially available recently. This tonometer was developed for use in patients who present with the sort of measurement problems that are often associated with children. The instrument is easy to handle, portable, light weight, and does not require anaesthesia or fluorescein.
A relatively small proportion of the literature is devoted to IOP measurements in children with fewer describing measurements using the ICare tonometer, which was designed to facilitate IOP measurements. This article describes the principles of IOP measuring with magnetic probe of rebound tonometer as well as the results of IOP readings in children are discussed.
The latest version of ICare tonometer is ICare Pro model. It does not require continuous calibration and allows downward measuring of supine patients. This may revolutionize the effectiveness of IOP measurements in infants.
IOP measurements performed using ICare are well tolerated in the pediatric population and might be the alternative for the standard measurement technique.

Słowa kluczowe: tonometr odbiciowy ICare, ciśnienie wewnątrzgałkowe, dzieci, tonometria aplanacyjna, tonometria bezkontaktowa.

Keywords: ICare rebound tonometer, intraocular pressure, children, applanation tonometry, non-contact tonometry.