Wydanie 3/2010
str. 50

Jednoczesna operacja zaćmy obojga oczu – zalety i wady

Advantages and Disadvantages of Simultaneous Bilateral Cataract Surger

Justyna Olczak1, Iwona Laudańska-Olszewska2

1 Studenckie Koło Naukowe przy I Katedrze i Klinice Chorób Oczu Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi
  Kierownik: prof. dr hab. n. med. Wojciech Omulecki
2 I Katedra i Klinika Chorób Oczu Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi
  Kierownik: prof. dr hab. n. med. Wojciech Omulecki

Summary: The aim of this paper was to analyze advantages and disadvantages of simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery. Phacoemulsification is a procedure where cataract lens is fragmented into small pieces using ultrasound and then cortical remnants are removed. It replaced traditional, standard extracapsular cataract extraction. Phacoemulsification requires a very small incision and is followed by the foldable intraocular lens implantation. It enables to perform quick, sutureless surgery under topical anaesthesia. The risk of complications is reduced and visual rehabilitation is faster. As cataract procedures have become safer, the decision whether to operate is nowadays based not only on the results of visual acuity examination, but subjective estimation of the influence of cataract on everyday life of the patient is taken into consideration. Despite the huge progress in techniques and technology of cataract surgery, the issue of simultaneous bilateral phacoemulsification is controversial and is still a subject of debate. The reluctance of ophthalmic surgeons to perform simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery is mainly due to the fear of potential bilateral complications leading to blindness in both eyes. On the other hand, this procedure is profitable to the patient, to the hospital and to society for clinical and economical reasons. The question is, if the advantages of simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery justify the risk of potential bilateral complications.

Słowa kluczowe: obustronna operacja zaćmy, fakoemulsyikacja, rehabilitacja wzrokowa.

Keywords: bilateral cataract surgery, phacoemulsification, visual rehabilitation.