Wydanie 3/2015
str. 126

Zastosowanie cyfrowego programu aplikacji soczewek kontaktowych – EasyFit – do korekcji skomplikowanych przypadków nieregularnej rogówki oraz w ortokorekcji

Application of Digital Contact Lens Fitting Program – EasyFit – In Complicated Cases of Irregular Cornea and Ortho-K

Michael Guez1, Piotr Szymanek2, Katarzyna Szymanek2,3

1 Menicon SAS, Paris
2 ACL-VISION Specjalistyczne Ambulatorium Okulistyczne, Niepubliczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej
3Samodzielny Publiczny Kliniczny Szpital Okulistyczny w Warszawie

Summary: EasyFit has been developped for several years by NKL, the main Dutch contact lens company, part of the Menicon Group to calculate the parameters of Menicon and NKL contact lenses based on the topography in the best case or keratometry, refraction and corneal diameter.
The most interesting added value is the combination with a corneal topographer to make the choice of the parameters more precise.
EasyFit has in fact inversed the loop: instead of having all the Menicon and NKL geometries in every topographer database, EasyFit that integrates all those designs will be compatible with a maximum of topographers. It allowed the manufacturer to ensure a better design confidentiality and a constant update of the software.
Such an association will allow EasyFit to suggest the best lens based on scores determined by the laboratory for each lens.
The fitter will be free to change EasyFit’s choice thanks to the fluorescein simulation and the visualization of the tear film thickness on every point of the cornea.
In the beginning EasyFit was created to calculate ortho-K lenses; the height and the tangent angle of those lenses could be measured only with a topographer associated to a software.
Then the extension to all the other geometries have been implemented.
EasyFit can be used without a topographer, this can be very useful even if the benefits are less than with a topographer (loss of the peripheral informations).
The fitter will then manually fill the keratometry.
EasyFit can also manage the calculation of the second lens whatever it’s a spherical, toric, multifocal or ortho-K lens.
With such a software we can imagine more designs implemented like custom lenses or more Rose K2 designs and more topographers compatible. It made technical fits much more accessible to the fitters.
This became a precious help for thousands fitters all around the world.

Słowa kluczowe: soczewki kontaktowe, stożek rogówki, ortokeratologia, topografia rogówki, keratometria, refraktometria, EasyFit.

Keywords: contact lenses, keratoconus, orthokeratology, corneal topography, keratometry, refractometry, EasyFit.